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Somo Group

The Private Intelligence Agency

Somo Group Limited1 We Are the Private Intelligence Company2 We analyse all Scientific Evidences & give you a Report that will stand its day in Court3 All Suspicious Claims-We get to the bottom of the matter4 You detect; We Evaluate5 You Suspect; We Evaluate6 Online hack & Social Media harassment; You are in the right place7 Whatever the case, We have you covered8

Our services


Provision of specialized and individualized investigative solution is one of Somo Groups flagship services. We have endeared...



The Private Intelligence Agency: SOMO GROUP LIMITED, is an independent forensic science consultancy based in Nairobi-Kenya...


Litigation Support

More often than not, attorneys have found themselves with cases hard to crack, cases that require a lot of background...


Sytems Security

At Private Intelligence Agency: SOMO GROUP LIMITED, we have a rich tradition of enabling our clients through consultancy and...


About Us

Somo Group Limited is the ultimate intelligence agency. We have six functional divisions and one training divisions. We pride ourselves as a one stop shop for corporate and legal intelligence, therefore, entrepreneurs, managers, business leaders, attorneys at law and individual clients can get solutions to problems of corporate and legal nature that relate to; lack of adequate information, need for specialized forensic and corporate investigation skills and expertise in physical and cyber security system designs.

We have just in over the few years of our business operation been able to assist business leaders resolve conflicts, gain competitive advantage in decision making through fact finding and critical analysis. We have worked with attorneys as private investigators and forensic science consultants and have aided many smart lawyers in coming up with full proof defense strategies. However our biggest success in the legal arena has been weakening opposing counsel’s cases against our clients.

At Somo Group Limited we care about facts, and just like we tell ourselves we will tell you too, Investigation is not what we love to do, it’s who we are.

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