Why Our Services

Technical & Technological Advantage

In today’s world, technology changes how we do a number of things, this includes how investigations and consultancies are done. Without the technical know-how, and the technology on your side, you can not deliver effectively both in terms of cost and time. It is for this reason that we have spared no efforts to acquire the best equipment and build the capacity for our operatives to be able to deliver.

Network Advantage

Knowing all the right people in the right places is key to an investigators success. Somo Group has invested immensely in developing concrete mesh of reliable, loyal and resourceful informants from the street corners to top restricted entry only offices, from cleaners and security guards to top executives and advisers in governmental and non-governmental agencies.
when you hire us we bring that with us, and we deliver.


Ultimately, the success of execution of a clients case comes to the people he hires to do the work. Do they have the required skills? Do they have the right attitude and commitment? Do they have the experience to deliver and deal with the ever arising situations?

Somo Group does, with a vast background in Forensic Science, Security Studies and Investigative prowess we are able to give our clients a strategic advantage in the situations that they deal with.

Pioneers of Forensic Science Aided Investigations in Africa

There are many professional working as investigators and doing a great job. At Somo Group, However, we engage Forensic Science Professionals to stir our investigation giving the benefit of understanding the legal premises of investigation and the science behind evidence and psychology of crime.

All The Right Things

Network | Skill Set | Experience | Technical Capacity | Human Resource Capacity | Passion | Customer Service | Litigation Support | Expert Witnessing | Partnerships | Regional Presence

Investigation & Intelligence Solutions made for The Private Sector

Somo Group’s investigation teams are comprised of lawyers and law enforcement professionals, Forensic Scientists, Computer Forensic Specialists and Intelligence analysts, among others. Somo Group’s internal investigations are led by senior professionals with extensive experience managing complex, multidisciplinary investigations to ensure high chances for identifying and reporting all of the salient facts in an independent, lawful and ethical manner.

Forensic Science Services

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Investigation Services

Every day, our clients with concerns about fraud, IP theft, financial improprieties, corruption, bribery, counterfeiting, workplace violence and the threat of cyber-crime or data breaches ask us to assist them in finding answers to these questions: “What happened?”, “Who is responsible?” and “Are we at risk?”. Organizations and their counsel turn to Somo Group because of our ability to find answers to these and other questions.

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Security Systems

Starting with a security needs assessment to gain a thorough understanding of your business, operations and facilities, we work with you to design a unique security system to fit your requirements. We also take into considerations your already existing security systems and help add layers of security to them with little or no alteration to the operation of the existing systems.

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