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Intelligence Agency

At Somo Group we endeavor not to just provide information, We strive to get you actionable intelligence; we know for most, we are the last resort and because of this understanding, our investigators spare no efforts in applying internationally accepted methodologies to investigate and find facts while adhering to legal regulations and moral principles.

Problem Solvers

Whether it’s in security systems, training services or Investigations our service alignment is geared towards solving our customers problems. Our very first concern while with our clients is “What is the Problem”. Our approach and planning, takes into account that alleviating our customers problems is key from the very beginning of our engagement.

Customer Need Orientation

Satisfying our customers is the core reason for our existence. To us our customers’ need is key, and we have turned our focus on that. From the point of engaging our staff, and how we train them, to our mode of operation, we do all these with our customers need in mind. It is through these efforts, that we get the confidence to guarantee our customers the resolutions to their cases, and satisfaction of their needs.

Our Story

Somo Group as a company .

William Ojwang


Mr. William Ojwang’ has a background of policing, with a wide experience of over 30 years in Senior Police command. He took over as the CEO of Somo Group September 2017.

Justine Nyasinga


Kiruga B. M. N

Director | Forensic Science Consultant