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Mob (in)justice cannot be justice in any manner or form. Not in a civilized society or an uncivilized one. To live in a society where mob (in)justice is a form of acceptable or even condoned form of punishment is to acknowledge that abiding by the rule of law is a “when-we-can” kind of thing, which is not. It is an outright affront to the rule of law and systems that have been put in place to punish wrongdoers in civilized nations, assuming you view this country as such.

I know the argument, around how much of a nuisance these petty criminals are, and how important it is to set an example, by setting one ablaze or stoning a live human being to their death.

Following the unfortunate killing of the two brothers; Fredy and Vicky, and burning their motorcycles in Kitengela is the height of anarchy in recent times, two questions come to mind, first, what if we are wrong?  Second what if it’s true?

What if we are wrong?

Occasionally, a man is beaten silly by an angry crowd for allegations that are untrue, unfounded, and arise from a place of fear, mistrust, and anger. A man loses his life because another man stole from you the other day, how is that justice? while it is difficult to perpendicularly place fault in a mob crime, it doesn’t mean it should sit right with your conscience.

How many have not heard of the tact by phone snatchers of accusing their victims who try to retrieve their stolen phones from them of actually being the thieves when actually the reverse is true? when they shout “mwizi mwizi” instinctively you have to let them go because you know that there is no chance that you will get heard, and that if you are lucky you will leave with broken body parts. So, why enable a culture that takes away so much?

Well, what if it’s true?

For a nation that shows great tolerance for the big boys stealing from us, sums large enough to cripple the future of the next generation, we show no patience for due process for a chicken thief, a mobile phone snatcher, a handbag grabber. Why is it? You say this is direct while stealing from public coffers is not. How is 20 people tramping on an already subdued 25-year-old misguided pickpocket for theft of a wallet directly affect the 20? The short of it is that IT DOES NOT!! It only affects one person directly at the time, meaning there are 19 in 20 people who should have the advantage of reason that supersedes the adrenaline of action.

Mob Justice isn’t justice

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If you take part in stoning a phone or chicken thief, the truth is you are a criminal too. We must exercise patience, due process exists for a reason, and finally don’t forget karma of these days is always around the corner.

    • Effie
      Aug 13, 2021 at 6:34 AM / Reply

      If we allow perpetrators of grand theft to go through court process,we should do the same for the petty thieves. Interesting read!!

    • Muthomi Rintaugu
      Aug 13, 2021 at 9:21 AM / Reply

      Well articulated article.
      Should indeed serve as a lesson and that we ought to emulate the justice system. Arrest and hand over them to Police.

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