Insurance Investigation

Insurance Investigation

Combining unparalleled investigative expertise, Somo Group tackles challenging and complex cases surrounding allegations of Business Fraud, Financial misconduct, Regulatory breaches, Bribery, and other corruption-related matters. We employ internationally accepted methodology, in the execution of our corporate investigation and related services, we help growing companies set up internal control mechanisms that will shield them from victimization by internal or/and external fraudsters.
The Private Intelligence Agency

Insurance Fraud


The plump benefits associated with the occurrence of an insured risk have tempted many people to hatch schemes to defraud insurance companies. Somo group has investigated numerous insurance claims and are vast with most ploys to defraud the insurer, whether the schemes are purely external or if they are lined with insider help.

Counterfeit & Forgeries


From institutions of higher learning to manufactures of food and drugs, the vice of counterfeit has spared none. The impact of such counterfeits has had consequences far-reaching than financial losses, it eats at the heart of any organization, – the organization’s brand. Somo Group works with organizations to navigate these murky waters of counterfeits and forgeries.

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