Litigation Support

Run Disputes More Efficiently with E-Discovery

Litigation Support

Our Litigation Support service is a highly customized service for the best criminal Lawyers in Kenya, it takes into consideration the exact dynamic nature of cases that law firms and advocates have to deal with. We employ forensic expertise coupled with investigative techniques to provide the much-needed support to the legal defense of clients. This service is designed to have Somo Group embed itself on a case from beginning to end. To conduct an investigation if need be, analyze expert reports, review chain of custody of exhibits, and sit in court during expert witness testimony.

The Private Intelligence Agency

Crime Scene Re-Visit


It is not sufficient to just rely on scene reports and sketches from state led investigations in the defense of your clients in court, get your own scene reconstruction report, and review it in tandem with the witness statements provided against your clients. Our crime scene experts work with lawyers to reconstruct scenes.



We assist advocates in managing large-scale litigation projects in line with E-Discovery protocols. We design and implement databases for managing, sorting, indexing, abstracting, and coordinating large volumes of data produced in major litigation. We also develop data management strategies, and assist advocates with technology-enabled presentation and electronic production in the courtroom.

For Defense Investigations


As Defense Investigators, we fulfill an important role in the defense team; we verify and validate all that has been raised & done by the state/other parties, with the aim of establishing if any errors of omissions or commission occurred, that may deprive their clients of much-deserved justice.

Forensic Reports Review


Our forensic experts upon examination of different evidences availed for analysis, do advise legal teams on their meaning and implications, and are competent to present their findings in court as expert witnesses. We provide the opportunity to consult with top forensic professionals with great experience.

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