Advisory Areas

Clients trust us with building Systems & System controls

Advisory Areas

Combining unparalleled investigative expertise, Somo Group tackles challenging and complex cases surrounding allegations of Business Fraud, Financial misconduct, Regulatory breaches, Bribery, and other corruption-related matters. We employ internationally accepted methodology, in the execution of our corporate investigation and related services, we help growing companies set up internal control mechanisms that will shield them from victimization by internal or/and external fraudsters.
The Private Intelligence Agency

Evidence Management


The plump benefits associated with the occurrence of an insured risk have tempted many people to hatch schemes to defraud insurance companies. Somo group has investigated numerous insurance claims and are vast with most ploys to defraud the insurer, whether the schemes are purely external or if they are lined with insider help.

Investigation Policy


Organizations get to busy serving their clients and forget the basics for how they got there, and organizational culture begins to erode. At times it’s just the misuse of company car, or the exploitation of organizations brand for personal gains. As an organisation, we tackle this kind of misconduct investigations, suspected or vivid.

Forensic Expert Service


Silence in the face of workplace harassment by senior members of an organisation has seen thriving organizations sink. Somo Group understands the position such claims put an employer and we swiftly step in to conduct quick but thorough investigations to reveal the facts at the bottom of such claims.

Security Risk Management


We focus on the facts without the presumption of previously exhibited behavior by a deceptive member of staff. While doing this, we endeavor to establish and find the connection between the insiders and their collaborating external players if any, who more often than not, are used as the front or face of corporate fraud.

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